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Mischief and trouble, somewhere in San Francisco.

Mischief and trouble, somewhere in San Francisco.

A native of the Midwestern Mitten (better known as Michigan, USA), I've been a a creative type in one way or another for a long time.  Most of that creativity is rooted around such things as writing and sewing costumes, with photography being a way to document my life and experiences.

Concert photography was a favorite pastime, however. A fan of a variety of music, but particularly of the hard rock and big hair of the late 80's and early 90's ("That hole in the ozone? It's mine."), getting my camera into a show (when I could) became part and parcel of my concert experiences.  It didn't matter the size and fame of the band, either; whether it was the local cover group in the college town bar, or the bigger-name touring band on a record label... it was a potential photo target. The one thing that compared to seeing a band live was waiting that one hour to get the film developed so I could relive the memories of the event after the fact.

Over the course of several years, I took and gathered a collection of concert photos at various venues.  I started with a combination of point-and shoot and disposable cameras in my late high school and early college years (hello, low budget!).  Then as digital cameras became more prevalent, I eventually moved into that medium as the opportunities to do so arose. 

Again, however, it was always as a fan. 

It was the acquisition of grandpa's Pentax Super Me camera that nudged me into a more focused pursuit of the craft. Or as I like to say... have you ever seen that video of the cat that nudges the other cat down the stairs...?

...and inevitably, the stage called and begged to be photographed again...

I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area, armed with cameras, some lenses, a sense of humor, and a little bit of nostalgia.

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